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Even with the current Covid-19 restrictions, individuals still can injure themselves with activity or suffer with joint/muscle/ligament/tendon pain.

Dr Mike Rossiter and Dr Kate Hutchings are we are currently offering patients face to face clinic appointments in all of our clinics and telephone consultations as required.

Please contact via:

Dr Rossiter

For appointments with Dr Rossiter,
please contact Amy Rossiter
or 07894 843750

Dr Hutchings

For appointments with Dr Hutchings,
please contact Jane Hardie
or 07312 121767

Welcome to Bourne Sports Medicine. Our team consists of Specialist Sport and Exercise Medicine Consultants dedicated to managing sports injuries and musculoskeletal problems. Our goal is to provide expert assessment and treatment of your injury to enable you to return to your physical activity safely.

We treat people of all ages and level of physical activity and recognize that every injury is unique. As a team we understand the impact an injury can have in your everyday life and aim to see and diagnose your injury promptly.

Our consultants have a wealth of expertise treating both elite and recreational athletes and are experienced in working with professional sports including England Cricket, Premiership Rugby and Premiership Football, Great Britain Hockey, Judo, Canoeing, Rowing, Synchronized Swimming, Professional Golf, Gymnastics and Professional Ballet.

Our Sports Medicine Physicians work in collaboration with a highly skilled team of specialist Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Nutritionists and Sports Tissue Therapists to facilitate a multi-disciplinary approach to your care.